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    My comment is: My husband and I are living in 'One of the Assisted Living facilities that you have raving comments about'. We believed them and now wish someone had been more honest about Pricing, Management especially, and how they charge for Levels on Monthly Billing. They are charging us $785. three times for the month we have been here and they have not provided care for my husband but four times. Then the caregiver was being trained and did not know how to help him Shower/Shave and dress. Meal times is sad. Most of the elderly here are lined up at 7:00 AM every morning waiting for the door to open to Dining Room. Several newcomers as we are, can not find seating because the tables are set up for four people. A single person can usually find a seating, but couples are pretty much out of luck. So we come back later at their 8:00 AM scheduled meal. Then the wait to get your order in and served is many times 45 minutes. The Chef, who is fairly new is slow and uses no seasoning. He has yet to make a spaghetti sauce that is more than just tomato paste. All near us in dining room, we have heard them say something about the sad situation. Pricing is WAY over what was advertised to us. We thought it would be approximate $3,500. to $4,000. per month, but it was $5,248.87 from May 20th to June 20th. $2,355. for my husband's caregiver and medication handed out. On passed June 27th they forgot him and he did not get his blood thinner of Warfarin. We have hired outside Caregiver to care for him and now we wish we had never been 'snowed by Management to move here'. I believe it was unfair in many ways that the Director wasn't on the level when we came to visit here. Such a disappointment. But WHAT can we do, except move out. But we want an honest Facility to live in, not one where Director says one thing and then we see the worst before a month goes by.

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