What are verified reviews?

SeniorAdvisor.com is unique in that we verify reviews prior to publishing them – we are committed to providing a reliable and truthful experience for our consumers and our communities, which we accomplish by ensuring that nearly 100% of the reviews on our site are verified by staff as the first-hand experiences of real customers or visitors.

Reviews are designated as unverified, verified by the Community or verified by SeniorAdvisor.com. Reviews designated as “Verified by <Community Name>” are from community partners actively inviting reviews through tools on SeniorAdvisor.com. Reviews designated as “Verified by SeniorAdvisor.com” are from customers referred to the business by A Place For Mom, Inc. or one of its affiliates. 

All reviews are reviewed by a human curation team prior to publication, and SeniorAdvisor.com reserves the right to publish or remove reviews from the site at any time. Some of the things our curation team may remove are: offensive language, personally identifiable information, and claims that could be considered libelous. We will not publish reviews that allege felonious conduct that resulted in bodily harm, but we will bring them to the attention of our legal counsel. We also do not publish reviews written by current or past employees.

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