Handling Negative Reviews

Unfortunately, even the best senior care service will receive a negative review every now and then. While each circumstance is unique, we recommend the following:
  1. Respond to the review.  Address the issues raised.  Consumers do not expect every customer will have an ideal experience with any service provider.  In fact, consumers tend to trust reviews more when they see both positive and negative feedback.  What is important to those searching for senior care is that the organization acknowledges and addresses concerns. (instructions for replying to reviews located here).
  2. Dilute the negative review with positive reviews.  The next step is to drown out the negative review with the positive.  We can help facilitate this in a number of ways, including using SeniorAdvisor resources to reach out to residents, patients and/or families.  We have seen service providers quickly drive positive review volume through such myriad activities as email campaigns, calling campaigns, community review parties, resident ambassadors, and more. SeniorAdvisor.com offers free tools to help senior care services get reviews - via email or via printable flyer/personalized URL.

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