Dispute a Review

Effective June 2014

All reviews on SeniorAdvisor.com undergo a verification process prior to publishing and false reviews are specifically prohibited in our
Terms of Use. Reviewers are expected to share their genuine, first-hand experiences with the specified senior service provider. Reviews are designated as unverified, verified by the Community (indicating the reviewer was invited to review using a tool offered on SeniorAdvisor.com), or verified by SeniorAdvisor.com. Reviews are reviewed by a human curation team prior to publication, and SeniorAdvisor.com reserves the right to publish or remove reviews from the site at any time. Some of the things our curation team may remove are: offensive language, personally identifiable information, and claims that could be considered libelous. We will not publish reviews that allege felonious conduct that resulted in bodily harm, but we will bring them to the attention of our legal counsel. We also do not publish reviews written by current or past employees.

SeniorAdvisor.com remains neutral and does not make a determination whether a review is true or false. We are committed to providing a public forum for consumers to provide their feedback about their experience with a senior service provider, and to allow the provider to respond. In rare instances, it is possible that a review may be published on the site for the wrong senior service provider. If you feel that a review is not written by someone with personal, first-hand experience of your business, or otherwise does not meet the guidelines outlined in this policy, our Terms of Use, or our Reviews Guidelines, the service provider may notify us by emailing support@senioradvisor.com. We will review our records and investigate the review. If we agree that the review does not meet our guidelines, we will contact the reviewer to let him or her know that the review is being disputed. If the reviewer does not respond or we have other reason to believe the review was not written by a customer, we will remove the review within 14 days. 
A service provider can request to dispute a review up to 120 days after the last day of the month in which the review is written. After that time, the review will no longer be viable for investigation and can not be removed. Review disputes will be performed on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of SeniorAdvisor.com.

To expedite the review process, please indicate in your email to support@senioradvisor.com the senior service provider the review concerns and include a link to the review page. 

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