How to Invite Reviewers Via Email

Send an email to share with your residents, patients and prospects to get more reviews for your business! Note: First, you must claim ownership of your business's profile on, which is a quick and easy process (see "Claim Your Business Profile").

1.    Sign in by clicking on “Log In" at the upper right corner

2.    Click on your “User Name” drop-down menu

3.    Click “View My Offices” button. (This will redirect you to our NEW Manager’s App)

4.    Click on the My Office(s) tab

5.    Navigate to the “Action” edit tool and click on the pencil icon

6.    Click on the “Invite Reviews” tab

7.    Underneath the “Create New Review Invite” section, fill in the required fields and click the blue send button.

8.    To send the review invite to multiple emails, download our CSV template, fill in the required fields, save to your computer and upload your CSV file. (Our system will automatically send the review invite to all emails in the CSV file.)

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