How to Assign Permissions to Additional Users

Add additional users to manage your business profile!

1.    Sign in by clicking on “Log In" at the upper right corner

2.    Click on your “User Name” drop down menu

3.    Click “View My Offices” button. (This will redirect you to our NEW Manager’s App)

4.    Log in to your Manager App (use the same username and password as your SeniorAdvisor log in)

5.    Click on the My Office(s) tab

6.    Navigate to the “Action” edit tool and click on the pencil icon

7.    Click the “Permissions” tab (only the administrator has this tab)

8.    Type in the name of the additional manager, then click Add New Manger (If you receive an error message, it means the user you entered has not yet signed up for Please have the new user create an account HERE)

      9.    Check the desired permissions for the added manager 

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